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Top Tips for Non Profit Website Design

If you are the organizer of a charity or other non profit organization, then you will be well aware of two facts. Firstly, you will be working to a tight budget that can be quite limiting, but more importantly, you will realize the necessity for a website in order for your charity to work to its full potential. This is where non profit website design becomes the key issue, there being many tips you can follow in order to ensure success.

Firstly, you need to banish from your mind the thought that if you only have limited funds, you website will be of poor quality. This is entirely untrue, and by following the top tips on charity website design, you can have a fantastic site that will bring in great returns.

Tip 1. Show your aims and purpose through your website design.

If you need a website for your charity or organization in order to share your message globally, then you need to take time to consider the design. Expressing your goals, achievements and aims through your content is vital. When people are willing to give their time, efforts or money to a charitable cause, they need to understand fully what the mission and purpose of the charity is; this will ensure themselves that they should indeed support your cause.

Many people will indeed stumble across your organization, and you cannot expect them all to have heard of your charity or exactly what it does. A clear showcasing of your mission, achievements and events within your content will allow your viewers to gain an understanding and feel comfortable with joining or donating to your charity. All this, coupled with some excellent photos of past and present events will allow you to clearly launch your website with success.

Tip 2. Back up your mission statement

When producing a non profit website for your charity, you cannot just state your mission; you need to back it up with real facts and achievements. Cataloguing past events will allow people to see the success of your charity, and allow them to check out what other people are saying about you.

You need to have your charity details prominently displayed as well as information on how the cause was founded including some prominent dates. An "about" section is the ideal area to place key information, and this accompanied with a section for comments from visitors and charity members will give your website the leading edge you are looking for.

Tip 3. Provide clear information for donors and volunteers

Any charity or non profit organization is constantly on the lookout for both donations as well as volunteers, yours being no different. Charity is about giving both time as well as money, and for this purpose you need to give clear information on how to sign up or give a donation to your cause. A Safe method of payment is strongly advised, this giving the donor confidence about the set up as a whole. By following these top tips, you will be able to create not just a website, but a successful site that will help your charity prosper and grow.


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Charity Advantage - The Leader in Charity Website Building

Charity Advantage is one of the leaders in charity websites building. It is actually the only company that can give all the necessary tools for websites for nonprofit organizations (NPO), charities and churches for a low price.

Currently nonprofit organizations can get a website built for them, together with web hosting for only $9.95. There are many satisfied customers of Charity Advantage that you can see on their website at www.charityadvantage.com

The Charity Advantage is very popular among nonprofit and charitable organizations not only because they can build for their customers inexpensive websites and because they have very good web hosting, but also because of their superb technology that they use to build nonprofit and charity websites.

First of all, getting a website from them is very easy. All that you need to do is to email them the content for your website and they will built a website for you often in less than two weeks. It won't be an ordinary website, but a beautiful and professional website. You will be able to choose a template from over 2,300 beautiful charity website templates.

If you sign up with them for two years of their web hosting for your charity website, they will built a website for your organization for free. I must also add that the web hosting they offer is of superb quality, prepared especially for nonprofit websites. Your websites will also be with videos and audios if you want them. You can actually have a streaming video, a streaming audio and other online applications that you need. You will also get technical support that is top notch.

At the moment of writing Charity Advantage has a promotion that offers a superb Dell Dual Core Desktop or Dell Mobile Business Laptop for free, for nonprofit organizations that sign up for two years of Charity Advantage web hosting. You just pay for two years and the desktop or laptop is yours.

As you must know having a beautiful nonprofit website is not enough. Nonprofit organizations and charities depend on donations and nowadays the best and easiest way to collect donations is online through a website.

Collecting donations with a website build by Charity Advantage is easy. You will get a website that can be equipped with a form for collecting donations online with only a few clicks. People will be able to donate by clicking the “Donate” button and filling out the form. Gone are the days that people had to write checks and go to the bank or post office to make donations. Nowadays they can do it fast and easy online using their credit cards or PayPal.

Your website will be equipped not only with Donation System like a donation form, but also with a database and the Donor Management System. The Donor Management System will make it very easy to manage all the donations and to make and send reports. It will be also very useful when you will need to analyze the performance of your website and the donations system. It will also help you to keep in touch with your donors and also to turn potential donors into donors.

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How Modern Charitable Organizations Collect Donations

Charitable organizations are types of nonprofit organizations (NPO), but the difference is that charitable organizations have philanthropic goals. The goals of charitable organizations can be charitable, educational, and religious or any other goals that serve the public interest or common good.

It is difficult to describe charitable organizations and the laws governing such organizations, because they are different in different countries.

Although they are governed by different laws they all work for the public good and usually are exempt from paying taxes. Some of the most famous and the biggest charitable and nonprofit organizations in The United States are: American Red Cross, The United Methodist Church, American Asthma Foundation, First Baptist Church, Meals on Wheels, United Protestant Campus Ministry, American Association of University Women and Mount Zion Baptist Church. There are of course many, many more, but I have chosen the above mentioned as examples of different charitable and nonprofit organizations.

There are many charitable organizations but all the above mentioned have one thing in common - they have very interesting and modern websites. Nowadays all the better organized charitable organizations can be easily found online. In this way the organizations spread their message across and find people who are interested and support their missions. In this way they also find volunteers who are eager to help and work for charitable organizations. Spreading the message and information was quite difficult in the past, but nowadays thanks to the internet, it is fast, easy and inexpensive.

How do Charitable Organizations Collect Donations

It is clear that for charitable organizations to operate and to fulfill their goals, it is very important to collect donations. There are different methods of collecting donations, but nowadays most of such organizations collect donations through their websites. To collect donations successfully through websites, the websites must be properly built and have ecommerce solutions plugged into their websites.

If you look at the websites built by one of the leaders in the charity websites building business, the www.charityadvantage.com, the websites built by them are perfectly equipped in all the tools necessary to collect donations online.

The websites built by them have online donation forms and donor management systems. It means that people, who want to donate, can do it easily on the website just by filling the online donation form. They don't have to write a check, go to the bank or the post office. They can simply fill out the form and pay by a credit card or PayPal.

Thanks to the donor management system, the database is created where all the information about donors or potential donors is stored. Thanks to the system, it is also possible to email the potential donors with the interesting information, keep in touch with them, and receive the donation from them in the future.

With the donor management system it is also very easy to run and send reports to the donors. The reports can be run daily, monthly or yearly. You can also use the donor management system to analyze all the data in the database easily.

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Church Websites Serve More than Members

Deciding to build charity websites often gets put on a back burner because the necessity just does not seem worth the bother. But when you stop and think about all of the people that church websites can benefit, your thoughts could turn around in a hurry. Church websites can help keep members informed but with the right help, they can do much more than that.


There are many citizens that do not have the opportunity to visit church each Sunday and settle for watching Evangelists on TV. Church websites have the ability to create videos with audio for watching a sermon. Guest speakers, children musicals and other special events can help bring hope to those that wish they could attend. This type of page could also help to show off members that have talents to share with the community and beyond.

Missionary Work

Many church websites keep a separate page for the work that is taking place far from the comfort of our own homes. Snapshots of foreign lands, the natives that offerings help and what your main goal as a church is will help attract those that find your cause worthy. By adding a donation section or page, interested parties can donate anonymously or select to join your online family so they can be updated by email with news. The generosity of people is never ending when they see those less fortunate.

Prayer Lines

Everyone needs prayer, some more than others. By creating a page on church websites, you have an entire world praying for you. Join the prayer line and pray for others as well. Giving of you can be uplifting and rewarding without costing a dime. For members, a secure page can be designed where addresses of hospitals and phone numbers can be shared. You can design as many secure pages as needed where the general public can only have access to what your church wishes to share.

Auctions and Online Sales

Many churches are having a tough time with offerings that are becoming weaker every day. Layoffs, rising food costs and medical bills have left a decrease in the amount of money that members can give. Get your members involved and come up with an online auction with goods donated from the community or create artistic jewelry, purchase Bibles and uplifting books wholesale or start a sewing club and make beautiful quilts and afghans that the public will die for. A site can be designed to present each item in vivid color and even buttons to purchase as online stores have.

Church websites serve more than just members when you really think about it. Look into a great design and hosting company today that can cost less than $10 per month. Complete assistance, awesome templates and software that keep everything running smoothly can help you make a difference in so many different ways. Visit www.charityadvantage.com, the major provider of church websites and nonprofit organizations to see what you have been missing in helping those around you.

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Create a Professional Looking Charity Web Design

You will never wonder again how large organizations can come up with a great charity web design that is informative, creative and useful. Software today provided by specialty companies now offers the same type of professionalism as used by the majors. In fact, you may be amazed to learn that the same web design and hosting company that deals with well-known charities can also provide smaller organizations too.

How to Begin

Coming up with a charity web design has never been easier when you work with a firm that has years of experience in the charity software design business. Contact a company, select your design, pick out the options and enter your information. That's it! You will be amazed at how your new charity web design comes together, offering the same high quality look and feel as the popular renowned charities. Helpful personnel will be available to guide you every step of the way, providing professional suggestions on how to bring out the best of your organization.


Because each charity is different in what their individual needs are, choices and options are available to make your charity website design unique to your cause. Special events pages, blogs, search functions and social media planning are a few examples of what is possible with a customized charity website design. Colors, styles and scenes that are created by experts in the field take the guesswork out of a professional looking web site. Designers can also offer advice based on past results that work. The selection of pages within your website can offer upcoming events, videos of recent trips and your how your charity is making a difference. Each time something new is offered, you can alert past visitors that you now have something new and exciting on your charity website.


If this type of service sounds too good to be true and too expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised. The cost for designing, hosting and personal service can many times be set up, initiated and serviced for less than $10 per month. When compared to paper, labor, postage and advertising, this seems too good to be true. By pinpointing a certain area of expertise, charity website creators and promoters are able to stay focused on one segment of design. Unlike some website designers that have thousands of selections, a specialized company can focus on a particular area, making the best and most valuable information available.

End Result

By utilizing proprietary software that presents a professional looking charity website design, you can then get to work. Ranking high on the leading search engine providers will put your organization's name out front and intrigue visitors to see what you have to offer. A front page that lays out options on what can be found inside will give visitors the easy choice of your charity organization at work.
What once seemed an impossible mission can now be a dream comes true with the aid and talent of a specialized website and hosting company. You will find that more time is available for planning and trips to watch your charity at work. It's all about getting the job done and having a professional charity web design can tackle several jobs at once.


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Charity Websites that Tug Heartstrings

Watching a needy child or animal on television can bring an overflow of tears. The heartfelt sadness for those in need affects everyone. Charity websites can deliver even more scenes with videos, stories and scenes that can be played over and over again. What's more amazing is that continuing progress can be shown as it happens. Find the right website designer for charity websites and anything is possible.

Have a Plan for an Opening Page

There is more to designing charity websites than just showing videos of the needy. Telling people who you are, what they can expect and how they can get there should be addressed on your opening page. Scenes relative to the subject, proportionate layout, phrases and words that best describe your cause and where to go to learn more are ways to provide intrigue. Before deciding that hiring an artist, designer and writer to create all of this, check out companies that make designing charity websites their business. There are thousands of templates that are professionally done and many that will fit your specific cause.

Option, Options, Options

Anything can be realized when designing different pages for charity websites. Past and present fundraisers, trips, about your company, blogs and news are just a few ideas that can create an entire city that surrounds your charity. Patchy, difficult pages will turn into a flowing media filled with everything important to your cause. We have all seen websites that take you to a new page but returning to the previous or home page is a real chore. Expert designers never let this happen with hidden precautionary software that follows each route smoothly.

Donations and Online Stores

Advertising your support of great charities can make you feel as if you are a part of a large campaign. Sporting a tee or cap with a favorite charity stamped across the front is not only fulfilling but also beneficial to the charity organization. Charity websites that offer online stores are a great marketing tool for getting donors to attract others to the website and expanding your audience. Incorporate with a page for individual donations or create a stream of products within your site.

Marketing Techniques

Online stores and donations can bring in lots of money for charity websites but spreading the word about your cause can take off at high speed with the help of social media connectivity. FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace are just a few of the exploding social sites that love to share information and the latest in news. You could find a creative video featuring an inspiring story being passed around the world. What a great way to get exposure and visitors.

Charity websites that address real needs in our society are necessary and embraced. Finding the right audience and presenting your story in the best way possible will leave an impact on millions of people. Browse website providers that also offer hosting for charitable websites and discover how easy and inexpensive your dream of helping others can be.


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