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The Importance of Church Website Hosting

Church website hosting may sound like something that is standard and straightforward but there are many factors to consider. Before signing up with a company that offers hosting and designing as a package, there are questions that you should ask.


The facilities that house the church website hosting should not be a secret. This is where the processing of your information and the workings of your site take place. The type of environment that holds servers should be secured with precautions against fire and water damage and utilize a backup power system. Downtime is the worst scenario for a website and knowing that your hosting company has all the bases covered will make you feel more secure.


Even the safest of church website hosting companies can run into problems. Knowing that there is always someone that will deal with a situation quickly and professionally is the key. It can be very frustrating to call a help line only to receive a recording that the office is closed or to explain your problem to a computerized system. Technical support should be available 24 hours a day and problems should be handled swiftly. Read comments in blogs and religious sharing pages to see if there are any church website hosting companies that have less than adequate reviews from users. A company that does not value its reputation or is slow to respond to members is definitely trouble that you do not need.

Statement of Faith

Using a company that holds the same moral principles as your religious organization can aid in achieving the same goal. Working with like-minded people will guarantee that they understand the importance of not letting your visitors down. Serving the same purpose in everyday life will make you feel secure in sharing sensitive information and knowing that issues will be handled in an honest approach. Most church website hosting companies have a Statement of Faith that is adhered to religiously

Hidden Fees

Dealing with honest church website hosting companies should be a sign that they would never have hidden fees but there are some that do. Always check the fine print before signing anything and check your first bill carefully. You can find out early on whether your provider is trustworthy or not. If there is a billing error, give the hosting company the opportunity to correct because errors do happen. If problems continue, cancel your contract and find a new church website hosting company.

Word of mouth and references are the best way to find a church website hosting company with integrity and the skills that are needed. Just because a company claims to deal with churches and charities does not mean that they are honest. You still need to do a fair amount of homework in order to weed out the dishonest ones. Look on a church website hosting company's website and call a few customers that are currently using their service. Get names from area churches and ask about service and reputation. You will find that the extra effort will be worth it.


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