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Getting the Most from Your Nonprofit Website Design

These days there are very few organizations that have not recognized the need for an online presence. This is especially true of nonprofit and charitable groups who can now reach a much wider audience when promoting their own particular cause or charity. Indeed a well thought out nonprofit website design can mean the difference between success and failure for many organizations. A website that works well can help raise the profile of a nonprofit group and hopefully encourage people to either donate to the cause or become actively involved themselves. So what should you be looking for to achieve with a good nonprofit website design?

It is important to understand that putting up any old website is almost certainly not going to deliver the desired results. Remember it is going to be competing against the millions of other websites already out there and needs something that is going to attract visitors. This is why you should probably not be tempted to design it yourself unless you are already experienced in this area. Yes I am sure you have seen the many free website templates out there but using them is probably not going to convince visitors to donate or become involved. With the number of specialist companies that now provide expert nonprofit website designs using any other method would probably prove to be a false economy in the long term. So what can you expect?

The first thing a specialist nonprofit website design company will determine is who your potential visitors are. This could be those wishing to volunteer their time, make a donation and most importantly those wishing to make use of the services you provide. It is therefore vital that you communicate very clearly, to each and every visitor. They will need to know who you are, what you do and how well you do it. If this is not easily apparent then chances are any new visitors will quickly hit the back button.

This means your website should be look clean and easy on the eye. A good design will make sure it is easily navigable so that visitors can quickly access the information they are looking for. It will not be "too busy" as this will distract those who visit the site and means that the message you are trying to put out may become lost or confused. Any potential actions you want your visitors to take will be easily understood, for example it isn’t good having a donate button hidden away on an inner page. Finally a good nonprofit website design will help to build your credibility and your brand, allowing people to know what you stand for and the achievements your organization has made.

A well thought out nonprofit website design can help to give your organization its identity. It can help to reflect your beliefs, ideals and vision. As well as being a tool for marketing it can also become an important part of the service you provide. By using the services of specialist nonprofit site designers you can help you organization achieve its goals and take it to where you want it to be.


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Top Nonprofit Website Design Tips to Help Your Cause

To have a successful nonprofit website, you have to make sure that you give potential donors the information that they need to follow your cause. Since you are creating a website that aims to collect donations to help people in need, you have to make sure that you give a good reason why they should choose your charity. Aside from this, you also need to make your website engaging and friendly so that people will be more inclined to visit it. There are thousands of charity websites all over the net and you need to make sure that your website stands out to help bring more people to your cause. The design of your nonprofit website will bring more potential donors in the future. Here are some of the things you have to remember when it comes to nonprofit website design.

Nonprofit Website Design Tips:

1. SEE = Simple, Easy, Efficient

Simplicity is staying away from bold colors, fonts or templates in your nonprofit website design. You have to make sure that your website is easy on the eye which helps people see the tabs and pages easily. Donors will be able to explore your website efficiently because of the clear and simple look of each page. You don't have to go bold on the colors or pictures in the site to catch your donor's eye. Your website's articles and information will do that for you.

2. Make Sure That Your Website Is Donor-friendly

Your goal is to help create an easy and convenient way to make donations. This can be achieved by making the navigational system in your website easy to spot. You can also create a donation button in every page to help potential donors process their donations painlessly. The key here is simplicity, make sure that every single person will be able to see where they can donate since this is the main goal of your nonprofit website.

3. Content Is Power

You have to create a website that has a strong cause. You need to make sure that your content will help educate the people on why you are doing this. Help them realize your mission by giving them enough reading material on your website. This nonprofit website design tip is often taken for granted by most people. You have to make sure that your charity's content is the center of the whole website. This will help people understand your mission and it will surely bring more people to action by donating to your cause.

4. Secure Transactions

Aside from making your nonprofit website donor-friendly, you also have to keep in mind the security of your donor's personal information. There are thousands of people who are dealing with fraud and identity theft every day. You want to make sure that you don't have this problem so that you can continue your mission with your donor's full trust in your nonprofit website.

These simple yet efficient nonprofit website design tips will help bring more donations to your cause. You just have to make sure that you plan everything well, especially when it comes to designing your website. You'll be able to make the difference in this world with just some simple tips that will bring more visibility to your cause.


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