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Web Donations

The easiest way for someone to contribute to a charitable cause is through web donations. A website that is solely focused on helping individuals should make use of new technology that allows their prospective supporters the ability to donate money online. In this article we will list a few characteristics that will help your website take in more web donations so you can continue your mission with more financial support.

Essential Keys to Web Donation

The first key when you're designing a page that is set up to take web donations is to make sure that the specific page only has one choice, and that is, to give to your organization. Sometimes, organizations that are in need of money will allow advertisements placed on their website. This is fine; however on a donation page it can distract your possible supporters and should not be incorporated into the design of this specific page.

The second key when taking donations on the Internet for your organization is to make sure that you utilize popular online payment platforms that are user-friendly. One of the most popular payment platforms on the Internet is PayPal. Before accepting payments via PayPal, make sure that you make your PayPal e-mail address related to your domain name such as, info@yourorganization.com. This will help to create trust when people are sending you money.

The third key when your organization’s goal is to accept online donations is to make sure that you have an SEO expert that can help optimize your website for specific keywords that are related to your cause. This will help get you targeted traffic which can result in more donations. The fourth key is to make sure that you have the ability to capture email addresses on the main page of your website and all the sub pages. When you build an e-mail list, this will help you with sending updates to prospective supporters and give you the opportunity to ask them for support more than one time.

A good tip when sending an e-mail is to include a refer-a-friend script on a page of your website that allows visitors the ability to refer their friends to your organizations website. Once you receive referrals from either members or visitors, be sure to make your first contact with a very friendly and straight to the point explaining your cause and why you would appreciate their help.

Having friendly interactions while explaining your cause in an unobtrusive manner can help you spread information about your mission statement further than if you just came out right and asked for support. Getting support for your organization is a lot like sales in the sense that your future supporters need to understand your mission and how their money directly benefits the people that you are helping. Taking these four steps can help increase your web donations and will make for a good user experience for your visitors. And finally, make sure that all of your content is easy to read and understand so your visitors can get a clear message about all aspects of you organization.


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The Importance of Accepting Web Donations

Among the best methods for charities to gather money for their organization is to set up web donations. Since the internet is one of our main tools for staying up to date and connecting with others, it may be good for your charity to consider the huge potential of web donations. Everybody is online.   

Giving web donations has become a well-known trend in the past few years. More and more people are giving donations over the web rather than sending out checks in the mail. Giving web donations is straightforward and quick, which makes it efficient for individuals who are often too busy to bother with paper checks. You will find fewer people who even use cash anymore, with most choosing to carry debit or credit cards instead. By allowing them to use a debit or credit card online, you can make it easy to give a donation. 

One of the ways that your charity organization may take web donations is as simple as accepting PayPal on your site. PayPal is free of charge for anyone to open an account. Additionally they may wave transaction charges for groups which are non-profit. By utilizing PayPal, individuals can even make automatic monthly donations. Having a donation button on your site allows donations to be taken literally twenty four hours daily with no need of extra staff. An excellent benefit of PayPal is it provides a button to you that states "donations". This helps individual immediately recognize that you accept donations online and more readily encourages them to donate.   

Another tool to make use of to collect donations for any charity website is Qgiv. It provides its clientele with receipts and reports, live donations, recurring giving, in addition to a tool for limited special event donations. Any donations that your charity receives from your website are deposited straight into your bank account. The Qgiv payment tool also enables groups to create their very own branding, to ensure that those giving know the donations they make are going straight to the charity.

You can even use eBay to get a much needed boost in web donations. eBay allows its sellers to give donations to charitable organizations. Sellers pick the organization that they want and also the amount of the sale they wish to donate. Once the product has sold, a donation is sent to their specific charity group. eBay is really a popular and simple method to raise money for many non-profit organizations. Why not contact sellers, asking if they would be willing to donate a small percentage of sales to your cause? 

Keep in mind that the main determining factor with regards to a person making a donation to your charity is trust. While developing your website to accept web donations, be sure to list your contact address and phone number so that folks can get in touch with you for inquiries.

It is vital that your charity considers the huge benefit of accepting web donations. Making giving a donation as simple as clicking a button can do wonders to increase the amount of money that is donated to your charity.
If you decide to build your website with Charity Advantage, collecting donations we’ll be easy for you.


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Non Profit Organizations and Web Donations

The most crucial thing for a non-profit charitable organization is to be able to collect funds in form of donations. In the past it was customary for such organizations to collect donations by using donation boxes placed near billing counters in stores. Other methods included passing a hat around, organizing corporate fund raisers, placing print ads in daily/local newspapers, radio commercials and other such ways. These methods are still in practice for collecting donations; however the funds collected through these means are not substantial. Web donations are the best way of collecting money for charities. An increasing number of non-profit organizations are now using web donations for their charities.

How to Collect Web Donations

Any organization looking for web donations will first require a website. Websites are easy to develop and do not cost a lot of money. There are a number of websites that focus on developing websites for non-profit organizations. These websites can either provide templates on which the organization can build a website or can work with the client to develop a website meeting specific requirements.

Well designed websites are usually SEO optimized which is easily indexed by Yahoo, Bing, Google and other such search engines. Such websites will help develop the complete profile along with the website logo for an organization. These websites are available with advanced options for clients, such as the ability to post audio and videos clips. The website will allow clients of non –profit organizations to blog as well. This can help lead to increased traffic to the site and better donations.

Incorporating Online Donations

The most significant factor linked with a non-profit website is that donations accepted online are directly incorporated into the website. This is in fact essential for non-profit organizations that have online dealings. There are two basic procedures for incorporating payments into a non-profit website –

•    Create an account with a bank which will enable payments via debit or credit cards.
•    Create an account with the capacity to receive funds via electronic transfer.

Today people lead busy lives and do not have time to go to banks to transfer money. They prefer the mode of electronic transfer as it is quick and easy. Both the methods of accepting funds mentioned above are reliable, safe and offer convenience to visitors to the website. The methods also save a lot of time and are absolutely hassle free. It is in the best interest of the non-profit organization to create these modes of payment for web donations. The non-profit organization can also withdraw money with ease.

In order to make web donations viable donors must be made aware of the possibility available. For this the ‘donate’ button on the website must be placed at the most visible position on the web pages so that it easily catches people’s eyes. This could ensure more donations from people visiting the web pages.

The content of the website also needs to be arousing, so visitors who read it are inspired to make web donations. It is a good idea to create back links and hyper links to the web donation pages as this could increase the amount of traffic on the web pages and a possible increase in web donations.


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