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Top Nonprofit Website Design Tips to Help Your Cause

To have a successful nonprofit website, you have to make sure that you give potential donors the information that they need to follow your cause. Since you are creating a website that aims to collect donations to help people in need, you have to make sure that you give a good reason why they should choose your charity. Aside from this, you also need to make your website engaging and friendly so that people will be more inclined to visit it. There are thousands of charity websites all over the net and you need to make sure that your website stands out to help bring more people to your cause. The design of your nonprofit website will bring more potential donors in the future. Here are some of the things you have to remember when it comes to nonprofit website design.

Nonprofit Website Design Tips:

1. SEE = Simple, Easy, Efficient

Simplicity is staying away from bold colors, fonts or templates in your nonprofit website design. You have to make sure that your website is easy on the eye which helps people see the tabs and pages easily. Donors will be able to explore your website efficiently because of the clear and simple look of each page. You don't have to go bold on the colors or pictures in the site to catch your donor's eye. Your website's articles and information will do that for you.

2. Make Sure That Your Website Is Donor-friendly

Your goal is to help create an easy and convenient way to make donations. This can be achieved by making the navigational system in your website easy to spot. You can also create a donation button in every page to help potential donors process their donations painlessly. The key here is simplicity, make sure that every single person will be able to see where they can donate since this is the main goal of your nonprofit website.

3. Content Is Power

You have to create a website that has a strong cause. You need to make sure that your content will help educate the people on why you are doing this. Help them realize your mission by giving them enough reading material on your website. This nonprofit website design tip is often taken for granted by most people. You have to make sure that your charity's content is the center of the whole website. This will help people understand your mission and it will surely bring more people to action by donating to your cause.

4. Secure Transactions

Aside from making your nonprofit website donor-friendly, you also have to keep in mind the security of your donor's personal information. There are thousands of people who are dealing with fraud and identity theft every day. You want to make sure that you don't have this problem so that you can continue your mission with your donor's full trust in your nonprofit website.

These simple yet efficient nonprofit website design tips will help bring more donations to your cause. You just have to make sure that you plan everything well, especially when it comes to designing your website. You'll be able to make the difference in this world with just some simple tips that will bring more visibility to your cause.


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Know the Essential Things to Put in Your Charity Website

Helping a child or another person in this lifetime is the best fulfillment that a person can have. There are a lot of people who are looking for a chance to make a difference today. This is why a lot of people are finding ways to donate some of their earnings to others who need it. There is so much joy in knowing that you are creating a change in today's world by a simple donation. A charity website is a great way to bring together thousands of people all over the world. You'll be able to have more potential donors who can help you in your cause. Here are a few tips that you can put into heart once you've decided to create your charity website:

Essential Things to Include In Your Charity Website

1. Your Mission and Vision

You have to be very clear on what you want to do in this charity. You have to let the world know how you plan to help a child, animal or a group of people with the donations that you will receive. Creating your charity's mission and vision will help people know the work that you are pursuing. You have to remember that the charity's vision and mission should be clear and concise. Try to avoid flowery words and get right to the point. This will avoid any possible confusion and will encourage more potential donors.

2. Information

Make sure that you have reliable information on your website to help with your credibility. Make sure that you do extensive research on the things that you plan to put in your charity website. This information should also be consistent with your vision and mission. If you are going to put information about where you are going to give the donations to, make sure that you give full details on why, how and when. This will help your potential donors to know how their donations will make a difference. You also need to make sure that you have your contact information available so that they can get in touch with you in the event that they have made up their mind.

3. Design of the Website

The design of your website will also play a great factor in gaining potential donors. You have to make sure that the website is not cluttered and is user friendly. This will help visitors gain access to important materials in your webpage. Try to stay away from bold colors and stay on the neutral ones. This will give a cleaner look that a lot of web viewers appreciate. You also have to take note of the security in your charity website. Make sure that you have a secure server where they can donate their money. A secure server will give them peace of mind that their personal information won't be stolen or used in any illegal way.

These are just some of the things that you have to keep in mind when you are starting your charity website. You also have to make additional research in the event that you want to add other essential functions in your website. Just make sure that you stay true to your cause and the rest will follow.


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Tips on Planning a Charity Website

Donations are integral to the life of any charity. Many people who do not have enough money to launch a major project for their chosen cause may look for charities that they can help with their modest amount of money. While charities have existed for as long as we can remember, the emergence of the Internet increased the avenues through which charities can solicit donations. These days, creating a charity website is almost a necessity for any charitable institution.

The primary goal of planning a charity website is to look for ways in order to get the charity's message across to the world and get donations that will fuel the activities of the charity. A charity has its sets of goals as outlined in its mission and vision. This has to be the underlying message of the charity website and its most important component. The visitor has to know at first glance what the website and the organization is all about. Is it about helping orphans? Helping victims of calamities? Is it about environmental conservation? This can be reinforced further by an About page, a blog that showcases the charity's past activities, or even a forum.

Narratives may also be employed in a special section of the website. These are basically stories from people that the charity has helped in the past, describing how their lives have changed through the help that they received. Provide pictures in order to assist potential donors in visualizing what they will be aiding through their donations.

Another thing that a charity website should have is a Donate button. As mentioned earlier, the emergence of the Internet has made it possible for people overseas to donate. Providing a Donate button to the charity's website takes advantage of this. Since donations are the end goal of creating a charity website, this button has to be prominent and easily seen. Have this button linked to online payment services such as PayPal, which allows payment via credit cards or debit cards.

There also has to be a section indicating how visitors could help through ways other than donating. Some people may not have the money to make the donations, but they have the time and the capacity to be actually out there and do the things that the charity does. You can also use this section to encourage visitors to promote the charity website to their social networks.

Lastly, a charity website has to have a newsletter. Donors will likely be interested to know what happened to the charity and the donations that they have given. Get in touch with them through your newsletter, which will provide adequate information on the charity's activities. Visitors should be able to subscribe to these newsletters via email. This can also help the website get its message across even further.

In a way, the dynamics of a charity website is the same with any business website. The main difference, however, lies in their respective purposes. A business website seeks to sell a product or a service to a consumer, whereas a charity website only seeks to gather donations. For a visitor, there is nothing material in return aside from thanks, which arguably makes it a more difficult website to plan out.


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Nonprofit Organizations

A charitable organization, though it gets particular tax assistance and is topic to exclusive regulations, it begins much like any other business.  It needs start-up funding, a strategic business plan, bylaws and a panel of company directors.  If it is going to be profitable, a nonprofit organization need to offer a service that is not already being offered or must do so in a way that it features a definite benefit for consumers.  The organization does charge for services and take in funds in the form of donations, they are somewhat restrained in the type of procedures they can perform and what is done with their income.

The formal nonprofit position can only be given by the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service in accordance to Section 501 under the code of the Internal Revenue.  To this position, the organizations records of corporation and its FEIN or Federal Employer Identification Number must be presented with a proper application, normally Form 1023 or Form 1024.  The most normal kind of nonprofit organizations are educational or religious and most of them have a 501(c) 3 exempt position and are allowed to receive tax-deductible charitable benefits.  Based on where they have incorporated, the nonprofit organization may have to apply for local or state and city tax exceptions.

A Legally binding nonprofit organization is not subject to taxes by the government, but must file yearly returns with the Internal Revenue using form 990 if its revenue surpasses $25,000.  To keep their tax exempt position, they must only exercise in practices of activities in the community that are of public interest.  Though many nonprofits depend intensely on benefits for funding, many also take in income in ways that are similar to for project organizations.  They normally must pay or products or services they use like any other company and normally pay their workers a nice wage.  Revenue credit takes place if the incomes they earn surpass their operating costs.  Normally this will display profits for general business, but in a non-charitable organization it cannot be of benefit to the members, owners nor investors.  These funds must be used in the pursuit of consumer or public interest that has been outlined in their bylaws and records.  If it is failed to do so, it can lead to revocation of status.

A nonprofit organization plays a very important role in society and the community, as they bring many contrasting services from child care and animal care to churches and schools.  The organization is a benefit to many families and individuals who would most likely have nowhere else to turn.   The organizations function is based on its mission or mission statement.   They can be any size that is in accordance to laws of their state.  Many states may require a secretary or a president and must have at least this many appointed to the board of directors but can have a little or a lot of workers or volunteers as necessary.  Donations given to a nonprofit organization are tax deductible and can be claimed on income taxes, no is no tax paid on the funds that are donated by the donor or the organization.

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Non Profit Organizations and Web Donations

The most crucial thing for a non-profit charitable organization is to be able to collect funds in form of donations. In the past it was customary for such organizations to collect donations by using donation boxes placed near billing counters in stores. Other methods included passing a hat around, organizing corporate fund raisers, placing print ads in daily/local newspapers, radio commercials and other such ways. These methods are still in practice for collecting donations; however the funds collected through these means are not substantial. Web donations are the best way of collecting money for charities. An increasing number of non-profit organizations are now using web donations for their charities.

How to Collect Web Donations

Any organization looking for web donations will first require a website. Websites are easy to develop and do not cost a lot of money. There are a number of websites that focus on developing websites for non-profit organizations. These websites can either provide templates on which the organization can build a website or can work with the client to develop a website meeting specific requirements.

Well designed websites are usually SEO optimized which is easily indexed by Yahoo, Bing, Google and other such search engines. Such websites will help develop the complete profile along with the website logo for an organization. These websites are available with advanced options for clients, such as the ability to post audio and videos clips. The website will allow clients of non –profit organizations to blog as well. This can help lead to increased traffic to the site and better donations.

Incorporating Online Donations

The most significant factor linked with a non-profit website is that donations accepted online are directly incorporated into the website. This is in fact essential for non-profit organizations that have online dealings. There are two basic procedures for incorporating payments into a non-profit website –

•    Create an account with a bank which will enable payments via debit or credit cards.
•    Create an account with the capacity to receive funds via electronic transfer.

Today people lead busy lives and do not have time to go to banks to transfer money. They prefer the mode of electronic transfer as it is quick and easy. Both the methods of accepting funds mentioned above are reliable, safe and offer convenience to visitors to the website. The methods also save a lot of time and are absolutely hassle free. It is in the best interest of the non-profit organization to create these modes of payment for web donations. The non-profit organization can also withdraw money with ease.

In order to make web donations viable donors must be made aware of the possibility available. For this the ‘donate’ button on the website must be placed at the most visible position on the web pages so that it easily catches people’s eyes. This could ensure more donations from people visiting the web pages.

The content of the website also needs to be arousing, so visitors who read it are inspired to make web donations. It is a good idea to create back links and hyper links to the web donation pages as this could increase the amount of traffic on the web pages and a possible increase in web donations.


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Church Websites Serve More than Members

Deciding to build charity websites often gets put on a back burner because the necessity just does not seem worth the bother. But when you stop and think about all of the people that church websites can benefit, your thoughts could turn around in a hurry. Church websites can help keep members informed but with the right help, they can do much more than that.


There are many citizens that do not have the opportunity to visit church each Sunday and settle for watching Evangelists on TV. Church websites have the ability to create videos with audio for watching a sermon. Guest speakers, children musicals and other special events can help bring hope to those that wish they could attend. This type of page could also help to show off members that have talents to share with the community and beyond.

Missionary Work

Many church websites keep a separate page for the work that is taking place far from the comfort of our own homes. Snapshots of foreign lands, the natives that offerings help and what your main goal as a church is will help attract those that find your cause worthy. By adding a donation section or page, interested parties can donate anonymously or select to join your online family so they can be updated by email with news. The generosity of people is never ending when they see those less fortunate.

Prayer Lines

Everyone needs prayer, some more than others. By creating a page on church websites, you have an entire world praying for you. Join the prayer line and pray for others as well. Giving of you can be uplifting and rewarding without costing a dime. For members, a secure page can be designed where addresses of hospitals and phone numbers can be shared. You can design as many secure pages as needed where the general public can only have access to what your church wishes to share.

Auctions and Online Sales

Many churches are having a tough time with offerings that are becoming weaker every day. Layoffs, rising food costs and medical bills have left a decrease in the amount of money that members can give. Get your members involved and come up with an online auction with goods donated from the community or create artistic jewelry, purchase Bibles and uplifting books wholesale or start a sewing club and make beautiful quilts and afghans that the public will die for. A site can be designed to present each item in vivid color and even buttons to purchase as online stores have.

Church websites serve more than just members when you really think about it. Look into a great design and hosting company today that can cost less than $10 per month. Complete assistance, awesome templates and software that keep everything running smoothly can help you make a difference in so many different ways. Visit www.charityadvantage.com, the major provider of church websites and nonprofit organizations to see what you have been missing in helping those around you.

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A Website for Nonprofits that Bring Results

Deciding that your nonprofit organization should have a website is a wonderful idea. The exposure of a website for nonprofits is definitely higher than those that depend on mailers and word of mouth. Delivering your message to as many people as possible is one of the major goals of any nonprofit business. Another important facet is keeping the visitor's interest once attracted. Together, these two areas will keep your organization busy and healthy.

Attracting Traffic

Just because you have a website for nonprofits does not mean that people know you exist. It takes social networking to become known and also targeting your audience. Before the Internet became a useful tool for advertising, companies would sell mailing lists that shared a common denominator with your business. This method worked to a certain extent but the price was high for the amount of return.

Features, Features, Features

Having an attractive template, good videos and endorsements from public figures is a good way to bring visitors to check out your website for nonprofits. However, if the ones that come find themselves hung up on pages or not being able to back out or find the front page, your work has been in vain. Internet users get skittish when a site gives them problems. Features such as software that creates smooth transitions and clearly marked drop down boxes can be simple and quick. Giving options on each page on where you would like to visit next also makes moving around easy. Working with a company that can professionally design interchangeable pages while staying within the theme makes a website for nonprofits enjoyable and fun.

Importance of a Specialized Designer

If you are thinking of creating a website to help the growth of your nonprofit company. Only select reputable website design companies that are experienced and specialized in your particular nonprofit field. Signing on with a designer that creates everything from clothes to selling real estate can leave your site less than what you had hoped for. A business that focuses on a particular area will not only be able to provide the right direction but will also know what works for your specialty. Receiving positive results from your website does not require much work when it has been properly organized and operates like a smooth running engine. The right technology, artistic and aesthetic displays plus straightforward information makes a website for nonprofits successful and meaningful.

You can find the right company to design and host a website for nonprofits by checking out some of the most creative designs online of other nonprofits. One company in particular, handles many of the high profile nonprofit and charity organizations, ranging into the thousands of happy clients. Visit www.charityadvantage.com and discover how you can get started at a very reasonable price. With all of the features, professionalism and quality that Charity Advantage has to offer, you will be amazed at how such a service can be offered at such a low cost.


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How to Create Impressive Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit websites have a two-fold purpose; making as many people as possible aware of their cause and keeping parties interested enough to participate. Websites have been a great way to present an organization but the site has to be impressive enough to attract and keep visitors' attention. Designing nonprofit websites can be simple when working with a design company that has the right tools. Working with a company that specializes in your field will give you an upper hand in knowing what works best by time tested methods.


Selecting the right template to give your website appearance and flavor can be a daunting chore with thousands available. Companies that work closely with nonprofit organizations in designing and hosting nonprofit websites will be able to trim down choices to fit your individual needs. Background, color, style and pictures that boldly tell your story will begin a building process that tells your individual story. They can also be changed to represent logos, specific scenes and items relative to your cause. It is not about selecting what you find most appealing but what will work with nonprofit websites.

Easy Functioning

Many nonprofit websites may have an awesome front page but visitors find it difficult in moving from page to page or finding the beginning again. Unless someone has a specific reason for spending the time to wander around in a displaced and unorganized site, most will move on to one that is easier to maneuver around in. This could be unfortunate especially if you are using social networking to drive visitors to your site. Drop down boxes with sub categories are perfect for finding just what you are looking for. A ‘back to home' button is also a good idea.

Audio and Video

Nothing reflects real life scenes like a video with sound that puts you right in the midst of a cause. Background music that compliments the story can also tug at heartstrings if you are trying to portray an emotional feeling. These can be much more effective and inexpensive than a TV commercial that only allows you limited time to show your purpose in action. The right website design company can help you with shots and movement that gives you the best presentation.

Social networking rounds it all out when people see a shot of your site or read encouraging words of hope. Immediate transfer by the click of a button will send interested parties to the actual footage shown and not to some page where they have to figure out what to do. All of these functions can work together smoothly and without incident when you use a respectable and skilled website design company that specializes in nonprofit websites. One company that has helped thousands of leading nonprofit organizations has made a reputation for itself in providing the best nonprofit websites on the Internet. Visit www.charityadvantage.com and look at the long list of high profile organizations that are represented. Visit a few sites and see what a difference they make in creating professional and impressive sites.


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How Nonprofit Website Templates Will Improve your Traffic

There are thousands of nonprofit website templates to choose from. But how do you know which one will grab a visitor and entice them to delve into your website? You need to ask yourself what type of templates have you seen that keep your attention to want and learn more. Some websites always receive more traffic than others and learning the reason why can put you on the right track in knowing what their secret is.

Symmetry and Design

The human brain has a unique way of seeing everything in proportion. This does not mean that everything has a straight or a round shape. Consider a single rose. The stem is not straight nor is the petals on the flower in perfect unison but there is still an aesthetic appeal that makes it beautiful. The mystery lies in the balance of an object or scene. Artists and designers are taught this skill and together with the latest software, can present an amazing scene that captures your senses. Finding a company that specializes in nonprofit website templates that work for your cause is a true help in getting started.

Your Story

Words are important on a front page of nonprofit website templates. If you do not keep the attention of the reader in the first sentence, your chances diminish for keeping them on your site. Excitement has to exist about your program that leads the reader to want and learn more. Emotion through words added to an attractive display of artistic scenes or movements will stimulate a visitor to want to read the rest of the story. Categorize your subjects so they are in full view of your reader and provide drop down boxes so easy access can be found.

The Right Tools

Now that you have the perfect nonprofit website templates working for you, use the tools of a great website design to make your site even more intriguing with each click of the button. Create a page with video and audio that shows the finest details of your organization. Have an area with printable forms and online donations with choices for your visitors. Provide social networking in plain view so clicking will automatically send your site to thousands of viewers. Most importantly, change your event page often so you have the opportunity to invite all new visitors to return for what is happening. Many sites let their information sit idle for too long and guests become bored.

All of these factors that go into making a popular nonprofit website may sound time consuming and expensive but there are companies that can provide all of this and more. One business that is rated number one by thousands of organizations is called Charity Advantage. Skilled artisans and technically trained employees make nonprofit website templates and connectivity to the rest of the web simple and first rate. Visit www.charityadvantage.com and read the credentials and nonprofit organizations that they currently serve. Better yet, watch as your traffic takes off and find yourself at the top of search engines.


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Different Ideas for a Non Profit Web Design

A non profit web design can be as creative and extensive as you desire. Non profit organizations count on the support of the public so being as unique and intriguing as possible is a good way to draw a crowd. With the aid of a good non profit web design company, the ideas will be endless. Images, audio and video will make your site seem realistic and present just the right message.

Helping Animals

There are non profit organizations that save domestic animals from a life of abuse or starvation. By giving them shelter, food and proper medical care, most of these animals can be turned into the lovable pets that they once were. But this type of action takes money and a lot of it. Showing and telling real life stories of a rescue in progress, the steps that are taken by caring individuals and the end result of adoption, viewers realize the necessity of your non profit organization. Creating a non profit web design that is easy to find, easy to view and one that sticks with the facts, the public can make a sensible decision on donating.

Support for Children's Programs

The need for education is a field that everyone can relate to. A non profit web design that shows the decline of education in a particular area and how your organization is helping to change that will make people sit up and take notice. Colorful graphs and wheels that compare statistics in society, teaching methods, children in poverty or depression are excellent ways to show others that there truly is a need for our young people. Create a video of a class in action and have names of students that have gone on to blossom in life from the aid of programs such as yours.

A well-designed non profit web design will give visitors variety in sections that are uniform and organized. By providing several pages of different aspects of your non profit group, returning clientele will know just where to go for more information. Keep an area for current events easy to find and send an email to those wanting to stay on top of what is new. Volunteers will sign up to join your group if it is not difficult to know how to contact you. With the help of a seasoned company that has the expertise and longevity to know what type of programs work, your website will come across as being professional and be on all sorts of social networking sites in a matter of weeks.

If you are looking to promote your non profit business and are ready for the World Wide Web, contact www.charityadvantage.com where you will find the leading provider of web design, hosting and online fundraising in the United States. You have the cause and now you need the support. Make it simple by choosing the best non profit web design company that is advanced in technology products and has provided excellent service for over 10 years.


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