Date: 8/21/2019
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They say charity begins at home. In the post-modern world, the term charity has acquired wide and broader meanings. Today, when most people have turned individualistic, rushing for their private and secured life, finding time for charity has taken a back seat. Helping each other has reduced itself to be a matter that concerns very few people. Donations collected in the name of charity are being spent for individual benefits.

Credibility is a very important factor as far as charity is concerned. If you ask for donations, then there must be an assurance that the money which you receive will be utilized for the good. Even if your intentions are true, people might be reluctant to give you their share since they are paranoid about every single charity organizations coming up in every street. Hence, asking for donations is one of the most important aspects.

When it comes to asking for donations, it is better to follow the old-style patterns. There are several tried out means that could still work. In order to be a credible charity organization, yours must be a non-profit one. This means that money or any other types of donations which you receive will not be utilized for your advantage. Therefore get yourself certified as a non-profit organization. This is the first step to win the heart of a prospective donor.

After being certified as a non-profit organization, the next major step is to get noticed by the public. The sad fact is that most non-profit institutions still remain obscure for the majority. The main reason for this drawback is because people are not aware about the goals and standards for which such organizations or institutions stand for. Non-profit organizations like Boy scouts are easily recognizable, and hence they don’t need any introduction. This is not the case with most other institutions. Be specific about your goals, so that potential donors easily recognize your activities and approach you.

Another important aspect as fat as charity is concerned, is how well you specify things. Instead of saying that the money collected will be sent to some institution, be a little bit more specific. If it is for a school, then, mention the name of the school. Also, if you are giving the money for girls, then mention that too since it will attract people towards your cause. Give equal importance to campaigning. Enough time should be spent and each and every step must be carefully planned. If you have a group, then, divide the group and give them responsibility.

The last thing which you want in a charity organization is in-fight between members. Don’t be reluctant to heed to the opinions of others in the group. Do not disappear for the public radar. Keep them updated about your progress, so that people will be motivated to get in touch with you more often. This will also prompt them to give extra donations. Each donor must be acknowledged for their active participation in your charity program. Send them thanking letters. This will be a lot easier if you have a charity website to manage and receive donations.
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