The easiest way for someone to contribute to a charitable cause is through web donations. A website that is solely focused on helping individuals should make use of new technology that allows their prospective supporters the ability to donate money online. In this article we will list a few characteristics that will help your website take in more web donations so you can continue your mission with more financial support.

Essential Keys to Web Donation

The first key when you're designing a page that is set up to take web donations is to make sure that the specific page only has one choice, and that is, to give to your organization. Sometimes, organizations that are in need of money will allow advertisements placed on their website. This is fine; however on a donation page it can distract your possible supporters and should not be incorporated into the design of this specific page.

The second key when taking donations on the Internet for your organization is to make sure that you utilize popular online payment platforms that are user-friendly. One of the most popular payment platforms on the Internet is PayPal. Before accepting payments via PayPal, make sure that you make your PayPal e-mail address related to your domain name such as, info@yourorganization.com. This will help to create trust when people are sending you money.

The third key when your organization’s goal is to accept online donations is to make sure that you have an SEO expert that can help optimize your website for specific keywords that are related to your cause. This will help get you targeted traffic which can result in more donations. The fourth key is to make sure that you have the ability to capture email addresses on the main page of your website and all the sub pages. When you build an e-mail list, this will help you with sending updates to prospective supporters and give you the opportunity to ask them for support more than one time.

A good tip when sending an e-mail is to include a refer-a-friend script on a page of your website that allows visitors the ability to refer their friends to your organizations website. Once you receive referrals from either members or visitors, be sure to make your first contact with a very friendly and straight to the point explaining your cause and why you would appreciate their help.

Having friendly interactions while explaining your cause in an unobtrusive manner can help you spread information about your mission statement further than if you just came out right and asked for support. Getting support for your organization is a lot like sales in the sense that your future supporters need to understand your mission and how their money directly benefits the people that you are helping. Taking these four steps can help increase your web donations and will make for a good user experience for your visitors. And finally, make sure that all of your content is easy to read and understand so your visitors can get a clear message about all aspects of you organization.
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