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Church Websites Serve More than Members

Deciding to build charity websites often gets put on a back burner because the necessity just does not seem worth the bother. But when you stop and think about all of the people that church websites can benefit, your thoughts could turn around in a hurry. Church websites can help keep members informed but with the right help, they can do much more than that.


There are many citizens that do not have the opportunity to visit church each Sunday and settle for watching Evangelists on TV. Church websites have the ability to create videos with audio for watching a sermon. Guest speakers, children musicals and other special events can help bring hope to those that wish they could attend. This type of page could also help to show off members that have talents to share with the community and beyond.

Missionary Work

Many church websites keep a separate page for the work that is taking place far from the comfort of our own homes. Snapshots of foreign lands, the natives that offerings help and what your main goal as a church is will help attract those that find your cause worthy. By adding a donation section or page, interested parties can donate anonymously or select to join your online family so they can be updated by email with news. The generosity of people is never ending when they see those less fortunate.

Prayer Lines

Everyone needs prayer, some more than others. By creating a page on church websites, you have an entire world praying for you. Join the prayer line and pray for others as well. Giving of you can be uplifting and rewarding without costing a dime. For members, a secure page can be designed where addresses of hospitals and phone numbers can be shared. You can design as many secure pages as needed where the general public can only have access to what your church wishes to share.

Auctions and Online Sales

Many churches are having a tough time with offerings that are becoming weaker every day. Layoffs, rising food costs and medical bills have left a decrease in the amount of money that members can give. Get your members involved and come up with an online auction with goods donated from the community or create artistic jewelry, purchase Bibles and uplifting books wholesale or start a sewing club and make beautiful quilts and afghans that the public will die for. A site can be designed to present each item in vivid color and even buttons to purchase as online stores have.

Church websites serve more than just members when you really think about it. Look into a great design and hosting company today that can cost less than $10 per month. Complete assistance, awesome templates and software that keep everything running smoothly can help you make a difference in so many different ways. Visit www.charityadvantage.com, the major provider of church websites and nonprofit organizations to see what you have been missing in helping those around you.

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