Date: 8/21/2019
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It is important for a charity organization to generate donations in order for the whole organization to continue with its cause. To make it possible, it is also very necessary to catch the attention of visitors by creating an engaging nonprofit website design.

Here are the 10 important features of a nonprofit web design:

1. A Mission Statement - Every nonprofit organization exists for a reason. With this, you need to inform everyone why your organization exists by creating a mission statement on your website. A short but catchy statement can say it all. This is also an effective way to encourage visitors to lend a hand or give their donations.

2. A FAQ Page - This certain feature is very important for everyone to know who built the organization and other vital information that people need to know about the organization itself.

3. Provide Quality Content - Of course, quality content is very necessary in a nonprofit website design. Your website must have a blogging section where stories and articles can be posted. Make sure to include photos in every blog post. By creating a blog section, volunteers and donors will be kept updated of the organization's recent activities.

4. Photo Gallery - Visuals are very important in a charity web design. Photos can express stories in their own way. With this, it will be of great help if a certain charity website has a gallery of photos taken during the organization's activities.

5. Multiple Methods of Access - Today, social networking sites are powerful tools in spreading the word. With this, you need to show how people could find you on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other social media sites.

6. An Easy-to-Recognize Logo - A website's logo can serve as a memory aid for everyone to recognize your organization easily. In creating your organization logo, make sure it is simple yet sensible.

7. Donate Button - Donations are an essential part of a charitable organization's existence. Donations, may it be in cash or in kind, must be collected online. In order to generate web donations, an easy-to-notice donate button must be placed in every page of your website.

8. A Call-to-Action Page - This particular feature is important in informing everyone of an upcoming activity or mission. A nonprofit website must always have a call-to-action page to encourage volunteers and donors.

9. A Downloadable Press Kit - Your website must be social media friendly. With this, you need to have a ready-to-download press kit for bloggers, writers, and broadcasters. This way, you will be able to optimize your site to a larger audience with the help of the press.

10. Weekly Newsletter - One thing you need to remember is keeping in touch with your organization's volunteers and donors, which is why it is very important to send a weekly newsletter to them via email. This way, you are keeping the line of communication open which is very important.

With the ones mentioned above, you can now create an engaging nonprofit website design. If you are planning to create a nonprofit website, ask professional help from expert nonprofit website design providers.

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