Date: 8/21/2019
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If you've started a nonprofit organization, you're probably looking for website hosting services that are inexpensive and user friendly. The fact is nonprofit website hosting can be completely free if you're willing to spend some time looking up great offers online. A basic online search will turn up a list of web hosting companies that offer their services for free to charity websites. Many times, nonprofit websites end up buying their hosting from free web hosting companies. This is often a bad idea as most free web hosting companies run threadbare services in order to skimp on costs. It's safer to stick with reputed web hosting companies that offer exclusive discounts and free hosting packages for nonprofit websites.

Website hosting is simply a combination of remote disk space and bandwidth for traffic to your website. That means, when you buy hosting services from a web hosting company, you're renting out space on that company's servers to host your website. Therefore, it is natural that web hosting companies will have to charge reasonably for services rendered. But very often, a lot of web hosting companies have special packages for nonprofits that carry more features for lesser cost or include additional packages like free nonprofit website design.

Nonprofit website hosting doesn't necessarily have to be bought from exclusive nonprofit hosting companies. There are many frontline web hosting companies that offer huge discounts or free services to nonprofit organizations. Some of them advertise this upfront on their websites, but many of them don't. So, it always pays to ask what offers are available for nonprofits like yours before you decide on buying hosting services from a web hosting company that doesn't advertise discounts on its website. The bottom line is, nonprofit website hosting is discounted simply to reduce running costs for nonprofit organizations. This is mostly a goodwill gesture on the part of the web hosting companies.

Most startup charity websites do not have a lot of funds in hand to build and maintain their sites. Some may feel that it is wasteful expenditure of donor money that can be put to good use elsewhere. This is where free or discounted nonprofit website hosting comes in handy. Whatever the cause, when you're buying nonprofit website space, make sure that the package you're getting includes transaction channels to help you process donations and contributions. The best way to do this universally would be PayPal, but many times nonprofit websites may also require e-commerce add-ons to help them raise money for a cause by selling paraphernalia and other items. Many donors find that it's much easier to swipe a credit card directly than going through PayPal.

Web donations are a major factor in deciding what kind of nonprofit website hosting services you need. So, it helps to check with your web hosting company in advance about payment gateway interfacing and other such minor details before buying hosting space from them. Some web hosting companies might even offer to give you free or low cost nonprofit website design services. This is a great add on that you must not miss, especially if you could use a little help with the web design. So now that you know exactly what nonprofit website hosting involves, you can go ahead and buy hosting space for your charity website without any hassles.
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