Date: 8/21/2019
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Nonprofit websites have a two-fold purpose; making as many people as possible aware of their cause and keeping parties interested enough to participate. Websites have been a great way to present an organization but the site has to be impressive enough to attract and keep visitors' attention. Designing nonprofit websites can be simple when working with a design company that has the right tools. Working with a company that specializes in your field will give you an upper hand in knowing what works best by time tested methods.


Selecting the right template to give your website appearance and flavor can be a daunting chore with thousands available. Companies that work closely with nonprofit organizations in designing and hosting nonprofit websites will be able to trim down choices to fit your individual needs. Background, color, style and pictures that boldly tell your story will begin a building process that tells your individual story. They can also be changed to represent logos, specific scenes and items relative to your cause. It is not about selecting what you find most appealing but what will work with nonprofit websites.

Easy Functioning

Many nonprofit websites may have an awesome front page but visitors find it difficult in moving from page to page or finding the beginning again. Unless someone has a specific reason for spending the time to wander around in a displaced and unorganized site, most will move on to one that is easier to maneuver around in. This could be unfortunate especially if you are using social networking to drive visitors to your site. Drop down boxes with sub categories are perfect for finding just what you are looking for. A ‘back to home' button is also a good idea.

Audio and Video

Nothing reflects real life scenes like a video with sound that puts you right in the midst of a cause. Background music that compliments the story can also tug at heartstrings if you are trying to portray an emotional feeling. These can be much more effective and inexpensive than a TV commercial that only allows you limited time to show your purpose in action. The right website design company can help you with shots and movement that gives you the best presentation.

Social networking rounds it all out when people see a shot of your site or read encouraging words of hope. Immediate transfer by the click of a button will send interested parties to the actual footage shown and not to some page where they have to figure out what to do. All of these functions can work together smoothly and without incident when you use a respectable and skilled website design company that specializes in nonprofit websites. One company that has helped thousands of leading nonprofit organizations has made a reputation for itself in providing the best nonprofit websites on the Internet. Visit and look at the long list of high profile organizations that are represented. Visit a few sites and see what a difference they make in creating professional and impressive sites.
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