Date: 8/21/2019
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Charity is an age old practice which continues today. It is a voluntary action and can be performed by anyone at a given place at a given time. Several independent organizations including religious institutions have undertaken charity as a way of life. However, the term charity itself has undergone massive changes and it could denote any act of support given to a particular person or a group of person. It could also be about offering help to an organization or institution which is dedicated in the uplifting of the discarded sections of the society.

Over the years, not just the term, the act of charity too has undergone significant changes. Due to the tax exceptions for such causes, the number of organizations in the name of charity and donations too has increased. This is a matter of great concern, and it is the responsibility of the charity organizations themselves to be true to themselves and concentrate more on their causes than on self-promotion. There are several ways by which a person can identify whether a charity/donation organization is true or fake. Follow these steps and you can rest assured that the money which you donated is in the right hands. Firstly contact the particular charity organization and enquire whether the money which you donated is tax deductible. Even if you donít want to get back that money, just enquire about this. If the organization is a legitimate charity institution, then they will definitely have the option to tax deduct your money. If the company intent to use the money for themselves, then, they will not provide this option. Before donating the money check this aspect. This will save you from falling into such traps.

The next step is to enquire about what percentage of the money which you donated will go as charity. Most non-profit organization gives away 60% or more of the donated amount for the cause which they back. Check whether this is the case with the particular organization in which you are part of. If at least 60% of the money is not spend for the cause, then the organization or the institution is not worth to be called as a non-profit organization.

Always sign a deal with a donation company in person. Do not promise any kind of donation through telephone. There are several cases related to scam charity through telemarketing. Most charity organizations have their individual charity websites. Check these sites and gather more information about their activities. Also it is important to inquire about the organization with your friends and the media. If the organization is a true one, then, they will definitely have enough media coverage. If you are beginner in charity, then it would be wise to start with a local charity institution. This way, you will be able to keep a check on the institution and their activities.
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