Date: 8/21/2019
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Are you searching about different strategies for promoting nonprofit websites online? There are quite a few such as social networking, press releases, videos etc. The purpose of this article is to focus exclusively on how to promote nonprofit websites using social media apart from other promotional activities.


With the rapid advanced in the world of technology, social media is turning out to an incredibly powerful tool to raise money, rally support and connect with constituents for charity and other nonprofit websites. Maximum utilization of social media is an important factor which takes a certain degree of skill and experience. Donations would not roll in just by creating a Facebook Fan Page or by signing up for a Twitter account.

Let us have a look at a few effective ways on how to utilize social media for promoting nonprofit websites:

1. Be authentic and Personal:

You should make sure of the fact that the profile of your social media is authentic and personal. As compared to a faceless brand, visitors would be more inclined to have a conversation with a person. Getting people involved through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. would allow you to have a conversation with your visitors who would also provide ideas and feedbacks. Creating a more involved constituency and engaging your social media fans would result in lot of benefit from your charity's perspective

2. Be Responsive and Active:

You should take active measures to respond your followers apart from maintaining an updated presence your social network. You may seek to utilize the services of community managers or social media consultants to keep your fans engaged as well as keep a high level of activity on social media. Potential donors or new visitors would not appreciate an inactive Facebook Fan Page or a dead Twitter account. An inactive presence would also turn your existing subscribers away. The brand of your nonprofit website would also get adversely affected

3. Encourage Sharing:

It is imperative on your part to create sharing on your social network as a valued activity. You should lead by example by consistently putting out quality content in the form of text, quotes, videos, links etc. By simply following your lead, your friends and followers may also publish quality and relevant content. Such constant sharing of information would lead to a viral impact and reach out new audiences. This would surely inject the promotional strategies of your charity website with steroids!


1. You may choose to contact other charitable websites who might be willing to share their ideas and experiences on how to attract and reach out to potential donors. A phone call of a simple email might lead to a goldmine of ideas

2. Include your charity website address on business cards, posters, brochures created for the organization

3. Use photographs to effectively capture the efforts of your charity. Submit and share such photographs through photo-sharing sites such as Picasa, Flickr etc.

4. There are lots of portal sites and directories which have been specifically set up for volunteer opportunities and charitable organizations. You can uncover a large number of directories by conducting a Google search for the keyword – nonprofit directory. You should aim to submit your organization’s information to them by adding links to your site or by creating a profile page
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