Date: 8/21/2019
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Having its own website is a vital necessity for any charity or non-profit organization (NPO) in the modern era. The internet is growing rapidly and quickly replacing the shopping mall as the primary source of purchased goods. Visitors are spending billions online and it is imperative that NPO's recognize this trend and establish their own online presence.

As shopping and spending habits change, more and more people expect that any service they want should be available online. People nowadays do not want the hassle of writing and posting checks, nor will they be too inclined to go out of their way to contribute to a charity even if they fully support the cause. Charities and NPO's must make it possible for people to donate from home. And this requirement means they must give considerable thought to what makes a good charity web design. The following is a list of some of the most important aspects.

Easy to donate

The primary purpose of charity web design is to get people to donate to the cause. The means by which they can do this should be instantly obvious. Good design for a charity web will never leave the visitor having to figure out how to donate. And every page on the site should have this most important facility clearly visible.

Summary Information about the Charity/NPO

The vast majority of traffic will arrive at the homepage of the website and every effort should be made to ensure that they can quickly realize they are in the right place. Visitors may have been searching specifically for a particular charity or have searched for a charitable cause e.g. homeless children.

The home page should give a very brief outline of the charity's goals. It should briefly highlight any active special campaigns and should provide summary data on how the campaigns are going. It might also provide summary information on campaigns that have finished.

The information must be laid out in a simple, uncluttered fashion. Too much text will distract from the primary goal of getting the visitor to donate.

Links to Detailed Information about the Charity/NPO

Every charity or NPO should keep donors fully informed about all its activities past and present. Websites provide an exceptional way to provide this information in a very cost-effective fashion.

Through its website, a charity can present biographies of key personnel, give public accounting details, highlight success stories and so on. It can use a variety of media like photos, videos and text to get its message across, all of which can help to create a sense of transparency and trustworthiness.

Links to online store

Many charities raise money by selling merchandise such as calendars and clothing. Good charity web design will allow for efficient and reliable ecommerce activity.

Offer to keep visitor informed

Almost as prominent as the means by which a visitor can donate should be an option for the visitor to enter an email address. This can be done as an invite to sign up for a special report, a newsletter or an online survey. Interacting with visitors is a great way to keep the donations coming in.

The best way to achieve successful web design for a charity is to seek advice from specialists in this area who can offer professional templates that will not break the bank.
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