Date: 8/21/2019
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Websites are a great tool for connecting with a large audience. However, the process of creating a site can be expensive, time consuming, and unattainable for many nonprofit organizations. Fortunately, using a website template is a great way to save both money and time. There are several things you should look for when choosing a web template for nonprofit organization websites.

It is best to look specifically for nonprofit website templates rather than just a generic design. The advantage of this is that certain factors will already have been taken into account. Donation and volunteering sections and cause related news feeds are often included. Many generic templates are more geared toward selling products than highlighting causes.


The closer a template design is to the website you have in mind, the less time and money you will need to spend altering it. There are huge numbers of website templates to choose from, made by various design teams and freelancers. Some are created to suit specific causes, including poverty, faith, or eco based designs. This is useful for narrowing down your search.

Think not only about the theme but also the tone you are looking for. Serious websites with conservative colors are the best suited to portraying a powerful and important message. Positive, bright, cartoon based design are great for children's charities. Green tones with earthy textures can highlight eco causes well. The purpose of the site should be immediately clear to the user.

Looks aren't everything

Whilst the visual appearance of you site is certainly important, choosing a template purely based on looks is not always wise. In most cases the website's usability is far more significant than flashy graphics or complicated themes. Make the aims and message of your site accessible.

If your main aim is to collect donations, think about how simple the method of donation is for a first time visitor. If you want to display helpful information for people, consider how easy it is to find. If you want to highlight a range of causes, is there space on the landing page to show this? The whole site needs to be incredibly easy to navigate through.

Level of customization

You are very unlikely to find a completely perfect template, so the next important consideration is that level of customization a template offers. Some only give you the opportunity to change basic elements like text, images, and logos. Others allow you to rearrange key elements like sizes, colors, textures etc. This information is usually included in a description of the template along with a description of software you may need to do it.


The price of nonprofit website templates can vary greatly. You might be tempted to save as much money as possible, but cheaper templates may not be as well designed. On the other hand, complicated templates tend to cost more but this doesn't necessarily make them any better. If a template is very cheap, bear in mind that many people may be using it.

The right template for can greatly enhance the work done by nonprofit organization websites. It can help them to reach and interact with more people than ever before; at a price that does not negatively impact their important work.

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